On Being Single

“I didn’t plan this!”  I feel those words come out of my mouth on a daily basis.  Like I have to justify why I’m a single mum.  When actually I am a single mum partly because I choose to be and partly because of circumstance. Seven years ago I chose to leave the children’s dad, … Continue reading On Being Single

On Change

So it’s been a while! Sorry about the gap, I’ve been very busy.  I have moved twice (Yes I know, nuts hey) and not just a little, the first time I moved 15 miles, the second I moved over 90, returning to my amazing home city.  A move which I have secretly wanted to make … Continue reading On Change

Easy to judge

When I was in my twenties, a married, carefree teacher with no responsibilities except my mortgage and lesson plans, I found it easy to dream about how I would be the perfect mum.  How my children’s faces and clothes would be always clean.  How my children would not play tag, lie on the floor and … Continue reading Easy to judge

Being a Superhero

I honestly don’t think I am a superhero, I think I am struggling most of the time, getting by the rest of the time.  And I don’t think this has to do with being a single mum or having three kids or three businesses or my epileptic Labrador (yes that’s a real thing). I think … Continue reading Being a Superhero

My Why!

A year ago my life changed a lot. My ex who I had planned to grow old with walked out taking two step sons who I cared deeply about with him. To say he didn’t look back is an understatement. He left me shocked and grief stricken and my children were heartbroken. Four weeks later … Continue reading My Why!