On Dating!

Now, I’m completely sure I will offend many with this one. But I just have to get this out of my system.  So here goes. My mum always said ‘Never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle!’ I sometimes think she should have said, ‘Never trust a man with eyebrows!’  And yes I … Continue reading On Dating!

There are Monsters!

We spend so long telling our children that there are no monsters or that monsters are friendly.  Checking the wardrobe, under the beds making sure the monsters are gone.  But in reality we hide it from them.  We hide the dark secret that as adults we have already sadly figured out.  We are surrounded by … Continue reading There are Monsters!

About the bad days

So some weeks are bad weeks. The weeks where I want to crawl into bed and not wake up.  The weeks where I am lonely to the point of insanity and paranoid that people can sense my loneliness and don’t want to spend time with me. I don’t call people because I don’t want to … Continue reading About the bad days

On Being Single

“I didn’t plan this!”  I feel those words come out of my mouth on a daily basis.  Like I have to justify why I’m a single mum.  When actually I am a single mum partly because I choose to be and partly because of circumstance. Seven years ago I chose to leave the children’s dad, … Continue reading On Being Single

On Change

So it’s been a while! Sorry about the gap, I’ve been very busy.  I have moved twice (Yes I know, nuts hey) and not just a little, the first time I moved 15 miles, the second I moved over 90, returning to my amazing home city.  A move which I have secretly wanted to make … Continue reading On Change

Easy to judge

When I was in my twenties, a married, carefree teacher with no responsibilities except my mortgage and lesson plans, I found it easy to dream about how I would be the perfect mum.  How my children’s faces and clothes would be always clean.  How my children would not play tag, lie on the floor and … Continue reading Easy to judge